Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two . Zero

Hello! *waves* Was looking at my blog stats and realized I got readers from Canada, US and UK! Hello to you guys! Thanks for reading! :DD

PS: You'll see a lot of Thank You here. Please bear with me.

Two Zero signifies that I'm finally 20 YEARS OLD. Not yet 21 but seeing a "2" in front of my age is... weird. Hahaha. I still write 19 sometimes when I'm filling up forms because I still can't get used to it. Sooner or later I have to accept that I'm no longer a teenager.

Still remember when I was a kid, I was so pampered and adored by my 2 elder sisters. Maybe its due to our age gap. They are 10 years and 8 years older than me. Hence I become the "manja" girl in the family. My 大姐 (elder sis) will help me tie my hair and we go to the school with the same bus, so she will buy me sweets and snacks while me 二姐 (2nd sis) will watch TV with me, I'll wait for her to finish school with my mum and sometimes we do fight + get scolded together by mum .__." My dad also pampered me a lot as my mum always said I'm the "gold child" of my dad. Because he worked at other state, so every time he come back to home, he will bring me to supermarket and buy me food.

Gosh how I miss those old days :( Now me and my elder sis is in KL, 2nd sis at Singapore, Mom and Taiping and Dad at Gua Musang. So we were all separated for each other. Very very seldom we can have family gathering, not even CNY sometimes because 2nd sis working schedule is not fix. But every year without fail I will received many many wishes from them on my Birthday! That is why i love my Birthday! I feel so loved and blessed whenever I read their messages for me :) I'm so grateful that my parents brought me to the world. I got a nice family and a bunch of great friends ! What can I ask more :3

When the clock strikes 12.00am, I received a lot of super touching sms/whatsapp from some the friends. I still reads them now once awhile. I really love reading them. They make me know that I'm certainly not #foreveralone. In a relationship with : FRIENDS and BFFs.

Then I'm off to bed and go to class as usual. Come back and fetch my mum to Imbi as she is going to Singaporeeee. Come back and look at my empty room because she is no longer there to nag and scold me X__X Then by the time I come back, open my FB and saw the picture collage my LADIES did for me :'D

Thank you very much LADIES <3
It's amazing how our friendship last from Form 1 to now :') I love them to bits! Last year they did the same thing for me as well. Although I can't celebrate with them for 2 years now, but they still make me feel like they are all here with me. Thank you again!

Get ready for dinner with the DRM bunch! They never tell me where they are bringing me! 

Did the Gwiyomi HAHAHA. Sorry I'm not cutesy type. 
Around 8pm, Yong Tin and Dexter come and fetch me to the destination. Through the conversation of them with the others, I guess they bringing me to Daorae Taipan. And I'm right! Hahaha. Thank you for choosing Korean Food! Cause I mad love it! Omnomnom! 

Group photo! Thanks for coming <3
While ordering, almost get into a fight with the waiter there LOL. He keep forcing us to order more more more but we don't need that much! But he insisted! In the end we ordered more than we suppose to!! But only that one particular waiter. Others are damn nice and friendly and excited. Hahaha. They got so much energy in them.

Housemate + Coursemate + Brother : DEXTER! <3

While I am waiting for food, my iPhone beeps and I see this notification on Twitter. It's from my best friend back in primary and high school, my tablemate for one year, Ain. I open it and realize she wrote me a blog for my birthday! I can't stop smiling and almost tear thanks to her blog. I'm like mad damn touch by her words. Thank you very much Ain. You are the most awesome Malay friend I ever had. I will never forget how much we cursed at each other, but can never stop talking to each other. Thank you for the blog from the deepest of my heart. (You can read it HERE hahahaha ) 

And the foods are here!! 

Seaweed soup! A tradition of Korean to drink on birthday :DD

Sam gyup sal, teokbokki, some-pork, and kimchi jeongal!
Omnomnom. It's so damn good! Seriously need to go back and have the sam gyup sal!!

Me and YouU :3 
Finish our meal and they ask for the cake from the waiter! GREEN TEA CAKE. Thank you Pei Yie and MunKeong for the wise choice!

Happy 20th Birthday Ashley ^^
They sing me the Korean version of Happy Birthday song and I make my wish! :) 
Picture from YouU <3 Thanks for the artsy shot!

Picture from famous blogger JAM :)
Have polaroids taken thanks to one of the waiter there! He is very good with my polaroid! Even request us to take this :
Kisses from everyone *3* 
 Hence, we give them 4 pieces of my green tea cake :D Thank you for the good service Daorae Taipan!

OOTD : Denim Jacket and Printed jeans from H&M, Leather Bag from Topshop. 
2nd round at Murni Taipan! Just sit and chit chat some funny yet scary issues. 

I love you~ DO you love me? :P 
Pressie! Leather legging from Topshop and Shades from Thailand! That card is from my togetheralone Chinggu YT! Thank you all! Kamsahamnida!!!! <3
Thank you again for the super yummy delicious meal and the presents! Thank you for all the wishes on FB and Twitter. Thank you for all the loves! Appreciate it very very much until it spilled all over! I love every single one of you. I tell ya this post will be spam with the word THANK YOU hahaha. 

Have a goodnight everyone xx 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Koh Lanta, Krabi - Part 2

Day 2 

...of Krabi was all about... SLACKING and EATING and SLACKING. 

We signed up for a 4 Island Tour on the 3rd day so we basically can't figured what to do on the 2nd day. We decided to slacks rest away! Woke up at 9-ish to EAT BREAKFAST! Am I the only one who loveeeee hotel's breakfast? I just can't resist them. I 'll force myself to wake up just that I'm in time to have them. Nomnom. 

Basic Breakfast and it's BIG.
As usual - toasts, pancakes, hams, BACONSS, potatoes, kokocrunch + milk and some fruits to fuel the beginning of a great day! 

It's just morning but we were already changing into bikinis to hit the beach :DD Brought along a good book with me this trip so I can sunbath while reading. We spend the whole morning - afternoon just enjoying the sea breeze while took a lot of some selcas. 

My faithful companions <3 
The girls :D
US in self portrait mode!
The our stomachs rumbled so we head out to town for lunch! Went to Lanta Seafood Restaurant. Recommended to all tourists! Cheap and really nice food! 

Yummmm I'm hungry now! Missing Thai food D:  

Came back and more sunbathing + swimming time! Cause I don't really swim so I sit by the pool while watching 3 of them swim (or basically Xuan and SF bullying Ian). A couple from London who were staying in Lanta brought their dogs to the pool so the husband actually let me play with their poodle! His name is CHEWY! Missing my LeLe back at Taiping dearly while playing with him. After they went back, I join the two girls in bullying as well LOL. We had our pillow talks not on the beach, but in the middle of the sea -___-" 

Decided to walk along the beach to find a good restaurant for dinner! Found one after 15 minutes of walk. We had no idea what was the name, but the foods were good too! Oh well, EVERYTHING WAS GOOD IN LANTA, so don't ya worry :P

My silly wifey. 

We was teaching Ian how to SMILE in a picture. LOL And there you go! 
Decided to go out to the town again to buy some street snacks! 

The Chicken Kebab Ian had 2 days straight. Guess it's really good LOL

Matching clothes? Coincidence. 

Street of Lanta Town.

All the yummeh street foods!!
Bought back a bottle of champagne and sparkling juice as well as some snacks. Had some alcohol while playing poker AGAIN (We played it for 3 nights straight as well) and off to bed! Need to wake up by 6.30am the next day because we going on TOUR!!

Day 3

Woke up by 7am and had breakfast before we off to the 4 Islands Tour. We only paid 750 baht per person as there were 4 of us (the original price was 850 baht per person) which includes pick up from hotel to pier, 4 Islands tour (duh!), and lunch! The taxi came picked us up at 8.10am. One of the family from US that stayed in the same resort came along as well. The ride from Twin Bay to the pier took us around 25 minutes.

I'm gonna skip all the boring parts. SO the journey from pier to our first island took us 45 minutes X_X Can sleep. I really did :P But thank god we got 3 super duper lovely kids on board with us! They were the children of the family that I mentioned earlier! All of them were eye candies! Especially a 3 years old boy name William! MISS HIM OHMAIGOD. I bet my 3 other mates miss him as well. He is a CUTIE PIE *3*

Here we go captain! 

Reach our first snorkeling point! KOH CHEUK!

Spot the Batmen

I don't know to swim, hence I don't know ho to snorkel as well X_X So embarrassing. But I paid to snorkel, so i just dare dare jump into the sea since I got my life jacket. Its not so bad, but struggling in the middle of the sea can be pretty pathetic T__T I seriously need to learn SWIMMING :(

Second spot was the Emerald Cave! What a pretty sight (despite the scary pitch black cave -__-)

A mini beach INSIDE a cave!

This is baby Christopher! William's brother!! SO CUTE RIGHT!

Xuan with Quincy! 
Stop by Koh Kradan for lunch! SUPER CRYSTAL CLEAR SEA WATER!

Ian : What you want? Xuan: What's that in your mouth? 

Had simple lunch and we head to the 4th Island, and the last, Koh Ngai! Our second snorkeling spot. This time at least I can snorkel by my own without the helps of my 3 mates already. Our tour guide even caught us sea urchins to see. Went back to the pier and 4 of us really fall asleep cause TOO TIRED!

Reach Twin Bay by 5pm and all of us went for MASSAGE! I chose the Traditional Thai Massage, Ian chose the Sun Burn Treatment (the only who got super terrible sun burn because he was too stubborn to use the sun block -_-) and the other 2 ladies got Aloe Vera Massage. Seriously enjoyed my 1 hour massaging experience. My masseur was damn good. He pull and stretch me until I can feel all my muscles relaxed! The other 3 mates said theirs were really good too! Can try again next time if you happen to stay at Twin Bay!

Since all of us left with a lot of Bahts, we decided to have a GOOD MEAL! Went to Lanta Seafood again and order 7 dishes. When the waitress came with our food, she said "Ha! Mati kau!" LOL they got a shocked with the amount of food we ordered.

This is just a portion. Stir fried squid, Fried Fish, Steam Lala, and Seafood Tomyum Pot. We also ordered BBQ prawns, Green Pork Curry, and a Papaya Salad.
ALL THIS ONLY CAUSE US 1500 Bhat! Super duper cheap and the seafoods were all damn fresh and delicious! Gosh.. I miss the foods so much :(

Went back to hotel after our super awesome last meal at Lanta. Poker again and I finished a quarter of the champagne all by myself and got high /.\ They faster ask me go sleep if not I'm going to laugh non-stop.

Day 4

Last day at Lanta T__T Ate our breakfast and off to airport.

Had sunny side up omnomnom.
 Took some pictures with Quincy before we go!

Ian looked like a pedo -_-
Took mini van and only cost 300 baht per person. The journey was faster compare to when we first came. We slept all the way as well and in a blink, we were at the airport already :(

Krabi >>>>>>> Malaysia
Im sure I'll see you again!
To sum it up, it was a great getaway with my friends. Totally enjoyed myself so much! I love the people of Lanta seriously. Our resort's staffs, all the tuk-tuk drivers we met, the tourists. EVERYONE. All of them were so freaking nice and humble and down-to-earth. They locals really love their town. Throughout the trip, we don't even dare to throw rubbish everywhere. I actually keep my rubbish in my pocket and throw them into my room's rubbish bin. 

Koh Lanta is a great island to go if you wanna have a calm and relax holiday. No rush, nothing. Just the sea, the beach, the sun and YOU! 

DO consider Koh Lanta if you are planning for a getaway as well! :) 

Thank you Xuan, Sook Fang and Ian for accompanying me to this Krabi Trip. Appreciate it! LOVE BANYAK BANYAK. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Koh Lanta, Krabi - Part 1


Ended my internship and decided to have a small getaway with 3 bffs to Koh Lanta, Krabi! First found out the deals on and got a shock of my life after realized its so freaking cheap! Flight + Hotel for 4 days 3 nights only cost us RM 300 per person!! Inclusive of flight tickets, 2 rooms and breakfasts! As for AirAsia insurance and baggage, each of us chip in another RM40 to check in one luggage both ways because we can't carry liquid items on board. And taxi fees for both ways from Subang to LCCT is RM45 per person. So we only paid around RM400 for the trip! CHEAP OR NOT?! You'll find super awesome great deals on Expedia so go and check it now!

Had been planning to go Krabi ever since last year and I'm so excited once I book everything with Expedia. I booked one month beforehand and i keep on counting days to have this getaway at last! Totally deserved the rest after 3 months of internships!

Companion for the trip : Xuan, SF and Ian! 

Pictures HERE WE GO!

Koh Lanta, Krabi Trip - 01.04.2013 -- 04.04.2013
Flying with Air Asia. 7am flight can be pain on the ass. SLEEPEHHH!
We stayed at Twin Bay Resort which is located at Koh Lanta, Krabi. Around 2 and half hour journey from Krabi Airport. Need to pass 2 ferries like those we use to go Penang. Doesn't enjoy the ride though. We choose mini vans for both ways, to and fro cause it's cheaper than taxis. We were all so exhausted throughout the 2 hours ride and feel like not going back to Lanta anymore in our life. UNTIL, we reach Lanta and our resort. We totally take back what we had said. It was a paradise there! I'm so glad I found this resort! The check in time suppose to be 2pm but once we reach, they already checked us in. The staffs are all nice peoples!

Remember I said we got 2 rooms? Because we got 4 people so I asked them for single bed rooms. But end up, we don't even need two rooms! Because they gave us 2 family rooms! One room can accommodate 4 people! So we left one room empty and just sleep in one. Super spacious and comfy! One you step into the room, you will be greeted by smell of lemons and limes! Super refreshing!

Ze room!! 
We were all hungry and so we put our luggage in and rushed out to town for lunch. Just ask for Tuk-Tuk from the reception and by 5 minutes, a Tuk-Tuk will arrived to pick you up! 50 baht per person per trip. So 200 baht for 4 of us to Saladan Town!

Had lunch at a random restaurant.

Cinderella Fruit Punch and San Fransico (Pineapple + Coconut Milk)

Had some shopping because I need a pair of slippers and SF need to buy Bikinis LOL. Negotiate is a MUST at Thailand! Bought my slipper for 100 baht while SF got 2 Bikinis for 600 baht! Reasonable! Ian got himself a sunglasses for 300 baht.

Went back after lunch and faster change into our swimsuit! Beach and pool time :DD

Very peaceful and quiet beach with super duper fine like powder sands. 
 The beach is just right in front of our resort so its kinda like a private beach for the guests :D

Me Xuan and SF

Beach babes and Beach dude. 

4 of us <3

Volley ball time!

Sandman of Lanta. Hahaha. 
Super fine sand which we enjoy very much.

Time passed like a snail in Lanta. Because the time 1 hour behind Malaysia, so I really feel as if we gain an extra hour! Mad love! Whenever its 5pm in Lanta, it already feels like 7pm in Malaysia because the sky turns darker earlier than Malaysia. We keep forget about the timezone throughout the whole trip. Loving the relax and slow pace life there.

Went for swim at the pool! All my 3 companions know how to swim. EXCEPT ME! :( So sad that I don't have the confident to swim. Sigh.. I can only walk and jump in the pool while looking at them swim.

See they so enjoy! My swimming instructor for 2 hours, Steve! Hahaha
 Initially I wanna walk to the bar but then got stopped by a woman, who asked whether I wanna learn diving or not, and its FREE! I look at her and say i don't know how to swim, but she insisted that i do not need to know how to swim. So I dragged the other 3 of them along. They learn diving while I learn swimming! Hahaha. But with life jackets. At least I know how to float now X_X

Me learning how to dive. But failed because my leg cramps halfway through -_-"
 It was a fun experience though for 4 of us. Something new. Breathing using oxygen tank. And spitting into our googles to avoid fogging. New knowledge LOL.

Balcony of our room! Ian fall asleep here super often. 
 Night finally comes and we had Barbecue by the beach in our resort! Super delicious grilled foods like port fillet, chicken fillet, potatoes, squid and mussels!  The mango shake was super good!

Went out to Saladan town again to buy universal adapter and sign for a 4 Island Trip for Day 3! Went back our resort and start playing poker. I think we will bored die if we didn't brought the poker cards along. Thats basically our daily night routine before off to bed. Pillow talks as well! Then by 12am, all of us fall into deep slumber.... Goodnight!

- Day 2 and Day 3 coming soon! -